Color & Options Guide

Since our boots are available with so many custom options, it's impossible for us to provide photos of every combination of material, color, elastic and outsole. To do so would mean making and photographing hundreds of different pairs of boots. 

The professional photos we use for each product usually show our top selling product variants. However, some product pages don't include photos of every color or sole option.

Below, you can see most of our suede, leather, pull tab and outsole customization options, giving you a better idea of how your boots will look before you order. 


All leather boots are pictured with our standard leather sole with rubber half sole.

Dark Brown Handpainted Leather:

Cognac Handpainted Leather:

Black Handpainted Leather:


Burgundy Handpainted Leather:


Black Suede w/ Crepe Sole:

Black Suede w/ Leather Sole & Rubber Half Sole

 Tan Suede w/ Leather Sole & Tonal Rubber Half Sole:


 Tan Suede w/ Crepe Sole: