Handmade Custom Chelsea Boots Australia

Searching for the perfect pair of Chelsea boots? Our handmade Chelsea boots are available with free shipping to all Australia addresses, making it easy for you to create, order and wear boots that are 100% made for you.

Our Chelsea boots are made almost completely by hand using traditional 19th century shoemaking techniques. We'll make your boots to your exact specifications, from colour to size. Shipping from our workshop in Saigon, Vietnam to Australia takes as little as five days by express courier. 

Ready to shop? View our Suede Wholecut Chelsea Boots or Antique Leather Chelsea Boots in our online store or keep reading to learn more about our boots and our business. 

Direct from the manufacturer to you

Our business philosophy is simple: you should never have to pay the usual retail markup for your shoes.

Most shoe companies sell their products to department stores at a 50+% discount, known as a keystone markup. This means that when you pay $300 for a pair of shoes in a department store, you're actually buying a pair of shoes that the store paid less than $150 for.

Our business is designed to cut out the middleman and let you wear high quality, personalised shoes at a fraction of the price of traditional department store brands. Our Chelsea boots beat many $500+ AUD brands when it comes to quality, all while costing you less than $300 AUD a pair.

Our Chelsea boots use premium, traditional shoemaking methods and materials

We're dedicated to offering the highest quality footwear. All of our boots are made using traditional shoemaking techniques so that they can last for years. 

Our Chelsea boots are stitched, not glued together like mass produced shoes. This means you can resole them several times and wear them for many years.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Contact us or customise your shoes online

We offer two different types of Chelsea boots, our Suede Wholecut Chelsea Boots and our Antique Leather Chelsea Boots. All are made to order based on your specifications.

You can customise your shoes using our online order form, or contact us to talk about what you want to order. To email us, contact nick@gibsonshoes.com using the subject line "Chelsea Boots."

Step 2: Choose your colour, sole and pull tab options

Our Chelsea boots are made to order, which means you have full control over how they look. Choose the exact colour you'd like from our options, or email us with photos of a custom colour you'd like for your boots.

Choose whether you'd like pull tabs at the back of your boots (standard), at the front and back, or not at all. 

Choose the type of sole you'd like on your Chelsea boots, from our natural leather sole to a full rubber sole or crepe sole. 

Step 3: Confirm your size

Once we receive your order, we'll send you an email with instructions to trace and measure your feet. This lets us make your boots to your exact size, giving you a perfect fit from the moment you first wear them.

Step 4: We'll make your boots to your specifications

Once we receive your order and confirm your size, we'll make your boots to your exact specifications. It takes our team about two weeks to complete each order.

Step 5: We'll ship your boots for free

All of our prices include free air mail shipping to any address in Australia. We'll ship your boots as soon as they're completed and send you a confirmation email with a tracking code once they're in the mail.

If you prefer a faster delivery, UPS 2-3 day express courier is available for a small additional fee.

No import taxes or duties

As long as your order is for $1,000 AUD or less, you won't be subject to any taxes or import duties when you purchase our boots. This is because Australia has a tax exemption for leather products worth $1,000 or less. The price you see listed on our website is the full price you'll pay for your order, with no extra taxes or shipping costs. 

Shop Now:

Click the photos below to order your custom suede or leather Chelsea boots direct from our leather workshop, or email nick@gibsonshoes.com if you have any questions about our products. 

Suede Chelsea Boots ($270 AUD with free shipping)

Leather Chelsea Boots ($285 AUD with free shipping)