Size Guide

Since our shoes ship from halfway around the world (for most customers), it's important to understand how they fit before you buy. 

It's important to us that you get the perfect fit, and we're happy to walk you through the process of sizing our shoes before you buy. We highly recommend contacting us before you place your order to determine your size. We do not offer returns for customers who order without contacting us for sizing advice.



Our shoes and boots are all sold in European sizes. They run larger than sports shoes, sneakers and most casual shoes. This means that most of the time, you will need to order a size down from what you wear in Nike, Adidas, Converse, etc. 

The best way to determine your size is to send us tracings and measurements of your feet.

This video explains how to measure your feet. Make sure to trace around your feet with the pen in a neutral, vertical position to prevent tracing too close or too far from the edge of your feet. Use a thin pen, as tracing with a thick pen can result in an inaccurate tracing of your feet. Wear the same socks while measuring your feet that you will wear with our boots. 

Measure the length of your feet from the longest point (typically your big toe or second toe) to your heel. To measure the width of your feet, measure horizontally across the widest part of your foot. 

Mark all measurements in centimeters on the same paper as the tracings, and scan or photograph the tracings. The image above shows a good tracing that we can use to accurately judge your shoe size.

Please email your tracing to We usually respond within 24 hours with sizing information. 

Break In Period

Since our shoes and boots are handmade using high quality leather, they will adjust to the shape of your feet during the first few weeks of wear. This is the break-in period, and during this period your shoes might not feel totally comfortable even if they fit perfectly.

If you have sized correctly, your shoes should either fit comfortably or feel slightly too tight when you first wear them. For our thicker leather boots, the fit might feel quite tight, especially in the toe box and on the sides of the boot. If you have two differently sized feet, one shoe will likely feel slightly tighter than the other during the break in period. 

This is normal, and it will disappear over the first 1-2 weeks of use as the leather stretches, softens and shapes to accommodate your feet. It is not abnormal to have some minor pain and/or blisters during the break in period for our thicker leather shoes and boots.

Made to Measure

All of our shoes and boots are available made to measure, giving you a perfect fit from the first wear. Our made to measure service costs an additional $39 USD per pair due to the additional time and materials required to produce custom shoes. 

Our Made to Measure service will be available starting in December 2016.


Since our shoes are made to order, exchanges are only available in specific circumstances:

  1. Your shoes have manufacturing defects
  2. Your shoes are not what you ordered (for example, you received boots in brown suede after ordering black)
  3. Your shoes are sized incorrectly after you received advice from our team as to your correct size. To be eligible for a size exchange, you must have contacted our team for sizing advice before placing an order and ordered based on the sizing advice we provided. We do not allow exchanges for customers that order without contacting us for sizing advice. 

Returns are not available for bespoke or made to measure footwear, except in cases 1 and 2 listed above. If you would like to exchange a pair of made to measure or bespoke shoes, please contact us. 

Manufacturing defects include broken stitching, cuts or tears in leather and other materials and broken outsole materials. Full grain leather occasionally contains natural creases, marks and loose grain. These are not considered manufacturing defects and shoes with normal, natural leather imperfections are not eligible for returns.

Before submitting an exchange request, please note that:

  • The shoes/boots must be in brand new condition. We do not accept returns for shoes/boots that have visible signs of wear, such as scratched soles, obvious leather wear creases, stains or other damage.
  • The shoes/boots must be returns in the original packaging, including dust bags. 
  • The return request must fit one or several of the conditions listed above. 
  • The return request must be made within seven days of receiving the product. 

When returning an item for exchange, any shipping costs to deliver the item to our headquarters in Vietnam are the responsibility of the customer, except in the case of products with manufacturing defects. For product exchanges, we will pay for the return shipping for the replacement product.

Because our shoes are made to order, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final.